You may become aware of a criminal investigation when law enforcement contacts you or a friend or family member. Law enforcement officers or Federal agents may confront you directly with the dreaded knock on the door. They will want to talk to you. They will want to come inside your home.  Often, this is without a warrant.  It is an anxious moment. Most ordinary citizens don’t know what to do is the face of sure instant pressure.  You do have a choice.  You have rights.  The clients at Tesmond Law are instructed not to permit anyone in their home without a warrant.  Clients are also instructed not to answer any question without our attorneys present.  Each client is given a 24 hour number directly to Mr. Tesmond’s cell phone.

It is imperative that you contact our attorneys before answering any questions. Insist upon your constitutional right the right to call your lawyer if you are confronted or arrested by law enforcement. At the first hint of any investigation, it is crucial that  you meet with our attorneys and provided with detailed instructions and a specially drafted letter invoking your constitutional rights.  Discussing the situation with our attorneys will allow us to make a determination as to whether making a statement will be beneficial or detrimental to your specific situation. “Anything you say can be used against you.” It is often better to invoke your constitutional right to remain silent. Remember,Obstruction of Justice is a crime. A statement later proven to be false could result in an obstruction of justice charge.  It is often said, “Silence is golden.”  This is very often true in criminal investigations as the investigators may be fishing for evidence and, by giving any information, you may very well undermine your case and supply the very evidence the government need to bring criminal charges.  The team at Tesmond Law is dedicated to making sure that you don’t fall into any legal traps during the investigative phase of a case that could result in unintended consequences or criminal charges.