An attorney’s ability to undertake the challenge of a particular case will depend upon his experience and particular strengths. Not all attorneys are equally equipped or suited for specific cases and problems. One should inquire as to the attorney’s level of experience, skills, and accomplishments in selecting the right and appropriate representative for the challenge.

Do I have to speak to an attorney when I have learn I am under investigation?

It is of the utmost urgency that a person have the immediate assistance of a trusted and competent attorney immediately upon even the mere belief of government targeting.

What effect does a particular lawyer have on the outcome of a trial?

A lawyer can make or break a case. In a case where the evidence is weak against the accused, a bad or lazy lawyer can miss crucial issues and opportunities for victory and turn an otherwise strong case into a disaster for the accused.

In a strong case for the Prosecution, a good lawyer with experience, who does his investigation and preparation properly, can find the weaknesses in the evidence. The most skillful lawyer can extract the most minute pieces of otherwise missed facts, and use the information to build reasonable doubt.

Can I reason interrogating authorities into thinking I’m innocent?

The authorities are not interested in your belief in the truth or your opinion. They have an agenda and will use your answers to build a case around you!

Can I get into criminal trouble for my business dealings?

Nowadays, what has always been considered corporate behavior is being criminalized. Prosecutors are aggressively seeking to criminalize acts of commercial business and investments that have failed or gone wrong. It’s best to err on the side of caution in this new age.

Will I still have a fair chance at trial even if they have me tape recorded in a compromising situation or giving incriminating statements?

Short answer: yes. It is not uncommon in today’s prosecutorial zealotry to “set-up” otherwise innocent people. People who would never have committed a crime are becoming the targets of these “stings” and are actually being enticed into committing a crime. This behavior is both reprehensible and illegal, and is a valid and legitimate defense.